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This company exists because all I want to do is make podcasts.

I started out making radio documentaries for a local NPR station in 2011. I became obsessed, and would make my own podcasts after work. The medium combined my love of sound, stories, and sharing a new perspective through audio.

Since then, I created Marfa Public Radio's There's Something Out There as an intern. I also worked as a producer at APM's Marketplace, Radiotopia, NPR's Invisibilia, and Gimlet.

I also made my own podcasts including The Competition (Featured on WNYC, APM, Netflix), MOONFACE ("Best Podcasts of 2019" by Time,The A.V. Club, and Vulture), and Vermont Ave. (Best Fiction Podcast - Tribeca Festival 2021).

After working in podcasting for more than a decade, I've been able to collaborate with the best in this industry. But I realized that to make a great show, it also requires a deep understanding of the creative process. That's why I decided to create Overtones Media. I wanted to get some of the most talented people in podcasting to make incredible shows, and to do it efficiently.

Hopefully we can make some podcasts together.

-James Kim, Founder


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